Hydromx® Energy Saving Solution: Advanced heat transfer fluid designed to replace water or water/glycol mixes in heating and cooling systems.

  • Proven to Reduce Energy Consumption by 20% to 35% 
  • Buildcert CIAS Approved Inhibitor: Total System Protection.
  • Minimum 15 Year Product Life: Insurance Backed Warranty
  • Continued 15 Year Enhanced Performance & System Protection
Hydromx® Energy Saving Solution: A New Generation System Fluid

| Energy Reduction | Maintenance Savings |
 | Carbon Reduction |
Offices & Commercial

Corporate  Offices
Hospitals & Health Care
Care & Residential Homes
Schools, Colleges, Universities
Pools & Leisure Facilities
Domestic Residential

Social Housing
Private Residential
Ground & Air Source, Solar

Ground Source Heat Pumps
Transpired Solar Collectors
Industrial & Process

Line Heaters
Refrigeration Systems
Thermal  Storage
Climate Control
Any heating, cooling or heat transfer application that uses water or water/gycol mixes will benefit from using Hydromx® Energy Saving Solution.