Domestic Residential Applications

Hydromx makes a dramatic impact on the running costs of gas & oil fired domestic central heating systems Enertek International are renowned International Consultants in Engineering Research, Design, Development and Certification. They provide independent test facilities to the gas, oil, renewable and electrical appliance industries. Hydromx was tested in a controlled gas fired central heating system at their Research facility.
Direct comparison tests with and without Hydromx® indicated that the gas consumption of the boiler was reduced by 24%
A recent trial was carried out with Trivallis, South Wales’ biggest social housing landlord and was monitored and analysed by independent energy consultants.
Hydromx® reduced the gas consumption by 25% with a similar reduction in carbon generation as well as reducing the maintenance cost by 17%

Hydromx® Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits Hydromx®
  • Heating System Energy Saving
  • Cooling System Energy Saving
  • Corrosion & Calcification Protection
  • Biological Protection
  • NO Additional Inhibitors Needed
  • Ability To Test Concentration
  • Freeze/ Burst Protection
  • Insurance backed warranty
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • 20 Year Lifespan