Industrial & Process Applications

A wide variety of industrial processes involve the transfer of heat energy. These processes provide a source for energy recovery and process fluid heating & cooling.
The enhancement of heating or cooling in an industrial process can create a saving in energy, reduce process time, raise thermal rating and lengthen the working life of equipment. Some processes are even affected qualitatively by the action of enhanced heat transfer. Many industries that use water or water & glycol mixes for process heating or cooling will benefit from the superior heat transfer properties of Hydromx®
Line Heaters
Ice Melting: Loading Ramps & Walkways
Thermal Energy Storage
Automotive Manufacturers
Injections Moulding
Plastics Manufacturers
Chemical Manufacturers
Dye and dye intermediate producers
Gas Pre Heating
Paint, varnish & Lacquer
Paper and paper products
Plastics & synthetic resin
Textile chemical
Data Centres

Hydromx® Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits Hydromx®
  • Heating System Energy Saving
  • Cooling System Energy Saving
  • Corrosion & Calcification Protection
  • Biological Protection
  • NO Additional Inhibitors Needed
  • Ability To Test Concentration
  • Freeze/ Burst Protection
  • Insurance backed warranty
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • 20 Year Lifespan