Nanotechnology is the science and engineering of working at nanoscale, the individual particles are 1-100 nanometres in size. (There are 10,000,000 nanometres in a centimetre)

The use of nanotechnology is widespread. It is used to create lightweight, strong materials for applications such as boat hulls, sporting equipment, automotive parts, dental implants and even pharmaceuticals.

The behaviour of substances that contain nanoparticles are radically different from normal expectations and exhibit characteristics that are highly beneficial in a great variety of applications. 

Nanotech is rapidly becoming part of everyday life. The thermal paste between the processor and the aluminium heat sink in your computer is probably nanoglue that improves the heat rejection from the processor.

Nanotechnology has enabled significant advancement in heat transfer fluid technology.  Half a tea cup of nanoparticles (100 grammes) would have the equivalant surface area of a football pitch, this enormous surface area combined with a heat transfer co-efficient many times greater than copper significantly enhances the thermal properties of the carrier fluid.

Using nanotechnology Hydromx® transfers heat 37% more effectively than water.
  • Improved heat transfer in heating & cooling systems will yield significant energy savings
  • Improved heat transfer in ground source & air source will yield significant efficiency improvements
Any heating, cooling or heat transfer application that uses water or water/gycol mixes will benefit from using Hydromx® Energy Saving Solution.